4G Vs 5G, which one to choose?

5G technology, the successor to the 4G network, is gradually being rolled out in France and around the world. However, this network of the future is not yet unanimously accepted by the general public. Indeed, many consumers are hesitating between 4G and 5G packages. But what are the main differences between these two networks? What are the specificities of 5G compared to 4G? To enlighten you and help you in your choice, you will find in this article the main specific advantages of 4G and 5G.


What are the main differences between 4G and 5G networks?

4G and 5G represent two different generations of wireless connection systems or mobile connections. To operate, both networks use the same technology and frequency bands of 4G LTE or Long Term Evolution. However, the fifth generation mobile network differs from 4G in that it uses millimetre wave frequencies between 30 and 300 GHz. This revolutionary technology offers 5G users a smoother internet connection, faster downloads and minimal latency.  


Key benefits of the 4G network

Since its deployment in 2012, 4G has revolutionised mobile technology and contributed to the democratisation of mobile internet usage. Unlike the 5G network, which is still in the deployment phase, the 4G network infrastructure is already deployed in almost all of Europe. If today 4G coverage is estimated at more than 90% of the French territory, 5G is still only available in the major cities and towns of France. Thus, for the moment, the 4G network is much more accessible than 5G.


One of the advantages of the 4G network is also its compatibility with most smartphones released in recent years. This means that 4G allows you to keep your current smartphone even if you change your package. On the other hand, to benefit from the ultra high-speed 5G connection, you need to buy a compatible smartphone such as the honor magic 4 lite mobile.

If you have a smaller budget, it is preferable to use the 4G network. This way, you will benefit from lower prices compared to 5G subscriptions. Moreover, with a higher connection and download speed, 5G can considerably increase your data consumption. Finally, using the 5G network requires you to purchase high-end 5G smartphones, which are relatively expensive.


The main benefits of the 5G network

5G technology offers a better quality of internet connection than 4G. In theory, the internet speed on this network is 10 times higher than 4G. This connection speed allows you to browse more smoothly and download data from the internet more quickly. If with 4G you can download a 4GB HD movie in 3 minutes, now with 5G the download time is only 10 seconds.

The advantages of the 5G ultra high-speed network also include the stability of the connection, even when used by a large number of users or connected objects simultaneously. Thanks to its 3.5 GHz frequency band, 5G offers a fast and constant internet speed, unlike 4G, whose speed can be considerably slowed down when there are several users connected to the same network.  

Finally, the 5G network offers a wider usage. It allows the use of immersive technologies, the viewing of videos in ultra high definition (4K and 8K), the use of multiple connected objects.


In conclusion, the choice of a 4G or 5G mobile package depends entirely on the criteria you wish to prioritise. If you want a more accessible network, less expensive, and compatible with all new smartphone models, it is advisable to use 4G. However, if you are looking for a higher speed connection, and a connection that lends itself to many uses, you can choose 5G technology.