Apple will reportedly allow repairs for iPhones with third-party batteries

Apple‘s always been really strict to deny any kind of service or repair when it comes to iPhones with third-party components. Now, it seems to have relaxed this policy, and will allow repairs for iPhones with aftermarket batteries at its Genius Bars and Apple authorized service providers internationally.

French blog iGeneration was the first to report this development yesterday, and MacRumors subsequently obtained internal documents that confirmed the news. This is a huge win for Apple product owners, as they can now get their gadgets fixed at an authorized service center, even after replacing their batteries at a third-party repair shop, or with off-brand batteries on their own.

As per MacRumor’s report, service centers are instructed to ignore the third-party battery, if the problem is not related to it. And if the battery‘s faulty, they’re allowed to replace it.

While Apple still doesn’t allow repairs for iPhones with aftermarket logic boards, microphones, volume buttons, and lightning connectors, this is a welcome change.

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