How to Choose Your Own 5G Smartphone?

5G is getting more popular and common for us. Starting several years ago, 5G was just an attractive topic regarding fast speed and high performance. As time passed by, 5G was used in business and commercial sectors and finally applied in the smartphone industry. Even though from the very beginning, 5G smartphones did not work very well due to the low coverage of the 5G signal base station, this situation has been well improved. Thus, many users switch their attention to a 5G smartphone. In this article, we will tell you some times to find a better 5G smartphone.

Choose Your Own 5G Smartphone

Compared to normal smartphones, 5G smartphones also offer you better performance, faster speed, and of course, higher costs. In general, you should consider the processor, battery capacity, camera, and storage when choosing a 5G smartphone.


The brains that power our smartphones and other mobile devices are called mobile phone processors. All the parts required to operate a smartphone are contained in these tiny chips, such as the GPU and memory. It is always essential to have a better processor for a 5G smartphone in case of keeping it running smoothly. More specifically, the clock speed, core count, and architecture of a mobile phone processor are used to assess its performance. The number of cores determines how many tasks the processor can handle at once, while the clock speed decides how fast the task can be implemented. Meanwhile, the architecture affects the handling and instructions of data. The details should be available to check when you are looking for a 5G smartphone.  


Battery plays an important part in a 5G smartphone. As 5G smartphones are built with better components and parts for a faster response time and smoother running experience, their power consumption is usually higher than normal smartphones when you can manage more tasks at the same time. In general, normal 5G smartphones own a battery with at least 4500mAh, while some smartphone brands offer larger batteries, such as HONOR Magic4 Lite 5G, which comes with 4800mAh, or even higher.  


Your smartphone camera matters as you can use it in various situations. A good smartphone camera can shoot high-quality photos in bigger sizes, while you won’t have trouble uploading and downloading them thanks to your 5G data speed. Therefore, you should try the smartphone camera at the shops before deciding which one to buy.


5G means faster speed and quicker responding time, and therefore you will easily download more content. So, you should consider a larger storage for your smartphone. More importantly, after installing different apps and using social media in your 5G smartphone, the running speed will be affected if you don’t keep sufficient space. For recommendations, 5G smartphones should have at least 128GB of starting storage, and 256GB storage is more suitable when you have an abundant budget.  


In conclusion, you should consider several features before buying a 5G smartphone. Firstly, the processor determines the overall performance of your smartphone, and you’d better have a processor with more cores and faster speed. Secondly, keeping a 5G smartphone will drain more battery, and your smartphone should have a battery size of no less than 4500mAh. Thirdly, you can find a more competitive camera performance as you have no trouble uploading and downloading your photos. Finally, a larger storage size is always preferred for your smartphone, and the minimum average storage you should keep is 128GB.