It’s Time to Put Down Your Cell Phone

Do you find out that your cell phone stays with you most of the day? No matter how busy we are, once we have a chance to take a little break, our attention will shift to our cell phones. Yes, we can chat with others, play video games, watch videos, or even go shopping, just by simply clicking on our cell phones. But, at the same time, we lose our patience, and we miss the good things around us. It’s time to put down our cell phones and enjoy our lives. We will discuss how to stop being addicted to our cell phones in this article.

4 Ways to Eliminate Your Cell Phone Addiction

It is a common phenomenon that people stay with their cell phones longer than anyone else. Especially, when using cell phones like HONOR X5 plus that with a long-lasting battery, we may spend more time on our phones as the charging frequency is lower. Therefore, we should try to move our attention away from it. Here, we will illustrate 4 ways to eliminate cell phone addiction.

1. Set A Cell Phone Schedule

Create a plan for how you will use your phone, including the times, lengths, and modes of use. For example, you can fix one hour in the morning to read news in the morning, and one hour in the afternoon for entertainment like mobile gaming and using social media. It is important that you have to stick closely to the schedule.

2. Move Your Attention to Other Subjects

Every day, our attention is drawn to our phones, and it will be difficult to put them down. Thus, we must deliberately shift our focus to others. For instance, we can read books and spend time with our friends or participate in more outdoor sports. At the same time, it will be easier to establish new hobbies by joining your friends or families for some healthier activities, going out to have a picnic regularly is a great idea.

3. Turn on the Silent Mode Periodically

According to a survey, the most time-consuming activity of using a cell phone is social media. Every moment, we can receive notifications when our subscribed influencers keep updating fun stuff, or our friends may text us at any moment users have hundreds of friends or contacts that may still keep communications. Therefore, if your cell phone keeps ringing daily and at night, you should switch it to silent mode for a few hours per day.

4. Uninstall Some Apps

It is a tough decision to uninstall your favorite game until you find yourself getting addicted to it. Rather than social media, video games are popular and attractive, requiring users to log in every day to meet some goals. Many users just use their phones when they feel bored, and mobile games will be apps they will click on. So, please check the top frequently used apps and see how much time you waste on them every day, and try to uninstall them if this issue starts to affect your daily life.


In conclusion, it is useful to set a cell phone schedule to decide what time you should use your phone. Additionally, other than spending time on your phone, it is useful to develop new interests and hobbies. Moreover, keeping the silent mode on will restrict you from receiving notifications, which then will reduce the using frequency of your cell phone. Finally, if you spend too much time on some entertaining apps, it is important to uninstall them to prevent your daily life from getting affected.