The MoodoGo will let you make smells wherever you may roam

Picture the scene. You’re in the office. Keys click, paper rustles, and there’s a murmur of idle chatter. Then, your nose wrinkles. “What’s that smell?” you think, grimacing. “If only there was some easy way of manipulating the environment around me to produce a more preferable fragrance.”

Aaaand you’re back in the room.

If you’re a normal, functioning member of society, I’d expect you to go through the described thought process three to four times an hour. And, if that’s the case – which I’m sure it is – you’re exactly the type of person who will love the MoodoGo portable. Congratulations.

The original Moodo is a smart device for the home that allows you to be a smell DJ. You slip a selection of the company’s scent capsules into the cube-shaped gadget and you can control the specific mix of fragrances from there.

The MoodoGo, which was just announced at CES, is slightly different.

First off, it only takes one capsule, meaning you’re not going to be the smell DJ you’ve always dreamed about. We’re in single stank country now.

Still, the MoodoGo has some… interesting smell capsules available. From least to most worrying: Sea Breeze (mmm, fresh), Wood Royale (with cheese?), Orange Sunrise (I’m confused), and Vanilla Grandma (what a terrifying image). The intensity of these smells can be altered with a dial at the top of the MoodoGo.

The most important difference between the new device and the original Moodo is the aforementioned portability. Rather than sitting in your home, like old gadget, the MoodoGo is USB-powered, meaning it can be taken almost anywhere. It was designed to be used in the car, but why stop there? Plug it in at the doctor’s office. Attach a battery pack with to it and take it to the supermarket. Hell, put it in your bag and use it to spruce up a weird-smelling wake. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking to to improve the smell of your immediate environment, the MoodoGo will be available from late January and will cost $39. Replacing each smell cartridge will cost you $4.95.

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