This Day in Deals: 37% off a sous-vide in honor of a fast train

This Day In Deals is our new section where we share a historical fact and the day’s best deal – and try to connect them. The aim? To enrich ourselves financially, and you spiritually.

You like trains? Dumb question – of course you do, who doesn’t? Then – and take a deep breath – allow me to introduce you to the Electric Tilt Train.

Look at this magnificent beauty:

On this day, November 6, back in 1998, the train entered service for the first time in Australia. If that’s not enough to excite you, it also became one of the country’s fastest trains.

Oh, you want more? How about the fact it’s the fastest narrow gauge train in service?

Do I know what that means? Not really, but I do know what all those words mean independently. And what’s one of those words? Fastest. I know it well, because that’s what I’m about: speed.

The Electric Tilt Train will save me time. And you know what I’m saving time for? Cooking and then eating delicious food made with a sous-vide . A solid gold transition for a (metaphorically) solid gold product:

You see the image above this text? That’s a Strata Home sous-vide . And it currently has 37.5 percent off. That means it’s only $43.99 , down from $69.99.

Basically, a sous-vide is an immersion cooker – in French it literally means “under vacuum.” To use it, you put food into a container (normally plastic), and then place the package in water. After that, you slip the sous-vide in and it heats up the liquid, which in turn cooks the food.

It takes longer than regular cooking (a sous-vide takes somewhere between one and seven hours), but the benefits are worth it. Your food will come out evenly cooked and full of moisture. Whether meat or vegetables are your thing, the sous-vide is for you.

So, to honor 20 years since the launch of one of Australia‘s fastest trains, why don’t you slow down a bit. Get yourself a sous-vide and cook yourself an indulgent meal that’s full of moisture and flavor. It’s what the Electric Tilt Train would want.

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