Why Should You Buy the MatePad Air PaperMatte Edition?

You should definitely buy the huawei mate pad air papermatte. The question is… why? To answer this question, you have to read more below. But you have to remember that this product is made by HUAWEI, a trusted brand that has created quality devices for a number of years. And you know that the MatePad will surpass all your expectations as a user and as a technology buff. Here are the advantages of getting the Papermatte edition of the HUAWEI MatePad Air.

Reasons to Buy the HUAWEI MatePad PaperMatte Edition


It has a paper-like display


The main reason that you are going to get this device is because of the paper-like feel and look of this tablet. The huawei matepad air paper matte has an 11.5-inch display that has anti-glare technology that allows you to use your device without the problem of light and glare being seen on the screen of the device. The reduction in the glare on the screen makes you focus on what you are doing without being distracted by the glare caused by the light in your room or by the sun. Having glare is not just intrusive to the eyes but it also causes strain that you may not know about. By using the PaperMatte edition of this tablet, you are saving your eyes from stress because of the glare.


It can be attached to a keyboard


The HUAWEI MatePad PaperMatte can be attached to a keyboard. This gives you the flexibility to move around with just a tablet in your hand during your travels and attach the keyboard when you want to make yourself more effective and efficient with your tasks. You have to realize that there are just some activities and things that you can do better with a keyboard at your fingertips. You can type faster and better. You can do your research quickly. You can even control your tablet more effectively when you have a detachable keyboard that you can use anytime.


It has a good camera


This MatePad PaperMatte edition has a 13MP rear camera which you can use to capture those special moments with your family and friends. The image resolution produced by the rear camera is 4208 by 3120 pixels. The video recording, on the other hand, has a 3840 by 2160 pixel resolution.

The front camera of this tablet is 8MP with f/2.0 aperture and fixed focal length. You can use the lens for recording videos and snapping photos. The front camera mode also has different filters and controls to help you take that nice video or image of yourself using the tablet. You can also use the tablet when you want to talk to families, friends, classmates, and even clients online.


It has a robust Wi-Fi


Because of the latest technology that the PaperMatte edition has, you can depend on this tablet to help you download files quickly. This is because of the Wi-Fi 6 signal that this tablet uses so that you get those files online more efficiently.




The huawei mate pad air papermatte is such a simple yet powerful device that you can have easily access when you buy one for yourself. The Reduced Glare that it offers users should be reason enough to buy this device. You want a no-hassle tablet that does not bother you when you read or design something with a pencil. You also want to have all the capabilities of a normal tablet like a good camera, a detachable keyboard, and a powerful processor to load simultaneous applications. With all of these in mind, you are going to have a feature-filled tablet that can help you do your work, watch your favorite videos online, and be creative through this device.